Welcome WNBF Bangladesh

Welcome World Natural Bodybuilding Federation, Bangladesh

On behalf of the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation we warmly welcome WNBF Bangladesh as our newest South Asian affiliate. WNBF Bangladesh was founded on February 6, 2021 in Dhaka, Bangladesh by President Redowan Hossain.

A message from the President;

I have been a fitness enthusiast for more than a decade now. However, in the recent days unregulated steroid use in my country is increasing every day. People are selling steroids and other anabolics in Bangladesh as if it’s a legal drug. People are not aware of its tremendous and potentially long-lasting side effects. It’s not only impacting the life of the individual but giving them several health and mental issues as well. A lot of People are getting a wrong message that to win a competition or to get a good body that you have to turn to performance enhancing drugs. This current situation in our fitness industry gave me the motivation and inspiration to bring the WNBF to my country for my people and especially for the youngster. Our youth are in great need for a platform of natural sports and to also educate themselves about real fitness. I believe the WNBF can help with these visions. I want the young to stay from steroids and performance enhancing drugs.
Over the course of the next few years our focus is to advertise drug free sports and its benefits. To educate people what real fitness is and the effect of drugs in our lives and society. I am very excited to help Bangladesh in this way and to also build a great team of athletes that can travel and compete abroad in other nations. Being a part of the WNBF is a moment of pride and honor for me. In my opinion the WNBF is the best and well renowned federation for over 32 years and I appreciate that they follow strict rules and regulations.

I wanted to thank WNBF Vice President Bob Bell for all his help throughout this endeavor. It’s been really hard to organize many aspects of a new organization and running it properly. Bob has been available for me at anytime needed and he even schedules appointments on the weekends to accommodate our 13 hour time difference. He is a person who has inspired me more and has helped with all the possible advices. I also want to thank Dr. JR Wadud Tipu (senior consultant, Director of foot care hospital) and Barrister Khalid H chowdhury LL.D ( Head of laws, London college of Legal Studies south , Bangladesh) for all of their time in helping build WNBF Bangladesh as well. Without everyone’s advice, support, and courage this would not have been possible. All share a great interest in the healthy lifestyle of humankind. Last but not least my wife Naureen Ahmed (lecturer: pharmacy department; Independent University Bangladesh) who has been really supportive throughout the whole process as well. Naureen’s knowledge of science has helped me educate myself even more about performance enhancing drugs and steroids in great detail.

Best of luck to all athletes in and around Bangladesh who might consider competing in the first ever drug tested competition held in Bangladesh.

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