Welcome WNBF United Kingdom


We are very excited to welcome WNBF United Kingdom to the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation. WNBF UK was established on April 9, 2021 in the United Kingdom of Great Britain by President Dr. Andrew Chappell – WNBF Pro and Vice President Stephanie Noble – WNBF Pro.

A message from the President;

We are thrilled to be joining the WNBF as it is the number one elite natural bodybuilding federation in the entire world. The WNBF is extremely well respected, they have the best athletes in the world, and the most stringent drug testing policies.

Steff and I are both WNBF Pro’s with a professional background in sport health and fitness. We run an elite coaching company for athletes called ‘Pro Prep Coaching’ and have combined experience within the fitness industry of over 30 years. We have a history of competing in the UK and Internationally, and it has been an ambition of ours for years to hold our own natural bodybuilding events in the UK.  We want to ensure that British athletes have the opportunity to vie for WNBF pro status and to showcase their physiques internationally at WNBF sanctioned events.  Moreover, we are intent on giving natural athletes the opportunity to compete against other natural bodybuilders with the strict drug testing policy that the WNBF has had in place for 32 years now.  We are ready to lead UK natural bodybuilding with our close affiliation with WNBF.  We believe in providing a culture of camaraderie, passion and fairness at our events and we have a vision for our federation to grow into the largest natural bodybuilding and fitness organization in the UK.  Our primary focus will be consistent drug testing, show stopping events, an incredible stage experience for all athletes, and a pathway to elite sport.

We had a fantastic opportunity to be part of the UK team for the WNBF Worlds in New York in 2019. We would say the passion for the sport was an all-consuming energy that rippled through the athletes, affiliates, judges across the entire weekend. The event was prestigious and had an authentic aura of professionalism. Truly this was one of the highlights of our bodybuilding careers to date.  We have both been fortunate to have some great mentors down the years, there are far too many people to thank who have helped get us to this point. We would however like to pay tribute/thanks to one another. We respect each other greatly and always aim to get the best out of each other. We are a team, with a diverse range of skills. We are grateful to share this journey together and to share this with others. We are looking forward to connecting and working alongside like-minded people who share our passion and enthusiasm for the sport of natural bodybuilding. We are passionate about natural bodybuilding, it is our profession and our livelihood, and we love it!  Thank you to the WNBF for this incredible opportunity and we will represent you well in the United Kingdom of Great Britain!

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