Welcome WNBF Sri Lanka


Please send a warm welcome to WNBF Sri Lanka President Lahiru Wamaka Gammudali (Wamaka Alex) and the WNBF Sri Lanka organization.  WNBF Sri Lanka was founded on April 5, 2022 in the city of Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

A message from the President;

I am honored to be a part of the WNBF and amongst it’s international affiliates which make the WNBF what it is worldwide.  I look forward to doing my very best to represent the federation and Natural Bodybuilding in Sri Lanka, and to grow this sport in a natural way.

My goals are to help athletes in natural bodybuilding achieve international success beyond the national level.  I also hope that the future of this conference will see the realization of the right path and the ability to get out of the terrible fate of using banned substances and move forward in a drug free way. This is a challenge here especially when coaches are cooperating using steroids and pushing them onto their clients or onto people in the gym.  It is hard to see the choices that these people make in sport and to also see the drugs that are being used effect a persons health, their entire life.

In Sri Lanka, there has never been competitions in the field of drug tested bodybuilding. My opinion is that the use of banned substances is at the discretion of the athlete. But there should be tournaments relevant to each player. That is to say, the division between Natural bodybuilding Competitions and other bodybuilding competitions justifies its relevance to athletes.  I am excited to host natural competitions for the athletes living in and around Sri Lanka.

Of course, I must thank Mr. Bob Bell and Mrs. Tina Smith for connecting Sri Lanka to the WNBF conference and appointing me as its President. This is a huge turning point in the game for humanity.  Thank You!

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Read more about Wamaka;

As a National Level Swimmer, I represent Sri Lanka with a number of achievements and based on my
educational and sports qualifications as a Sports Officer & fitness trainer of the Department of Sports Development from 2015 & qualified level 5 coach in American Swimming Coaches Association, establishing Swimming Pool at Nawalapitiya Sports Complex and Digana Sports Complex. Occurs I train voluntarily from rural to international level. ∙ As a volunteer swim coach & fitness coach of the Special Olympics Association of Sri Lanka, I am responsible for raising the mental and physical fitness of children with special needs by teaching them to swim in my training pool and internationalize them for special Olympic events. ∙ I also work as a qualified International Life Bronze Medalist at the International Life Saving Association, where I conduct training camps in all schools and various governmental and non-governmental organizations, and ways to prevent waterborne injuries to people beyond sports. Giving advice. I volunteered at the Kandy District to help athletes in my training pool, the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board, help prevent illegal drug use and addiction. Educate athletes, parents and school children.

In 2015 I was a Fulltime Permanent cadre. As a National Level Swimmer, I represent Sri Lanka with a number of achievements and based on my educational and sports qualifications.  In 2015 I also became a Swimming Instructor attached to the Department of Sports Development, Ministry of Sports, Sri Lanka and
Internationally designated Sports Officer including valuable qualifications. I have been assigned to the training centers of the “Nawalapitiya Jayathilake Sports Complex” and “Digana National Sports Complex” in the Kandy District. I also select talented athletes through various tests from rural and urban areas. My main responsibility is to help them achieve national and international success by providing them with the latest technical sports training and offers.

My highest studies were further completed at CSBM Campus ( Colombo School Of Business & Management ) where I enrolled to read for my Higher National Executive Diploma in Sports & Exercise Science obtaining a class C+ on 30th July 2019 and selected for BSc (Hons) in Sport Coaching & Management (Top-up Degree) in combination with KIIT University, India. I’m educating for Bachelor of Science, Major in Kinesiology in University of Prince Edward Island as it will create the best pathway for me to complete my professional qualifications in Canada. I believe this would help me build my professional career once I return to Sri Lanka alongside the working experience I gain in Canada. My ambition is to become a successful qualified person to enhance sports ability by invent uncommon modern techniques that I have built.

Furthermore, with my career practical and theory knowledge I registered as a Level 5 coach in American Swimming Coaches Association. An aquatic academy named “BHERUNDA” has been registered (Reg.no:9926) in year 2020 with Sri Lankan Aquatic Sports Union (SLASU) to enhance the athletic skills of athletes using two training centers based in Central Province since 2016. As the founder and the owner, I have been conducting Assistant Swimming Instructors around the country in the Kandy District and teaching them new technical training skills. As the Head Coach, it is my responsibility to voluntarily improve the athletic skills of the athletes and bring them victories. Every year I conduct various training camps to identify the specific talents of the athletes and to incorporate the latest training methods
into their mental and physical with free food and a certificate of participation by the Ministry of Sports.

As a volunteer fitness instructor and swimming coach, I’m committed to the Special Olympics Association (Serendib) of Sri Lanka in 2016 to overcome the health problems of children with special needs and to improve their physical and external fitness. Thereby introducing them to various fitness water sports and giving them victories to the World Special Olympics. I have volunteered to help the children, the National Drug Control Board, prevent illicit drug use and addiction. To educate parents as well as children.