RESULTS: 2018 INBF Southern Natural


Held on October 13, 2018 in Macon, Georgia.  Promoted by Cedric Rollin and Robin Castro

Open Figure

1. Noel Clark
2. Christine Defour
3. Tanya Autrey
4. Briana Ranck
5. Kaci Bledsoe

Masters Figure

1. Amy Alsbrooks

Fit Body

1.Amy Alsbrooks

Men’s Physique

1. James Wilson
2. Vernon Brite
3. Curtis Souksavong
4. Marvin Wells

Men’s Physique

1. Thomas Lazier
2. TaiRhe Turner
3. D’Vonta James
4. Eric Castro

Master Bikini

1.Rachel Moore

Open Bikini

1. Roberta Santiago
2. Christie Defour
3. Tanya Autrey
4. Rachel Moore
5. Angela Blair

Men’s Bodybuilding
Light Weight

1.Bill Phong

Men’s Bodybuilding
Middle Weight

1. Gerald Davis
2. Zachary Fields

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