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Francisco Inzunza,
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Eason Lu & Kevin Lin

Washington, California, and Oklahoma bring many seasoned promoters who have run events for the NANBF for years.   Former NANBF President, Katy Wayman-White, leads the team and will be an integral part of our continued growth nationwide.  Katy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.  A multi-title holder as a WNBF Pro and very accomplished athlete in Women’s Bodybuilding, we are honored and excited to have Katy join our team.  Katy stepped down as President of the NANBF to join the INBF and come back to where she started.  She runs events in June and September.  Katy’s Natural Columbia Classic show on June 8th was an IPE Pro show, and so at this point, all IPE pros entered in this show will be allowed to gain full WNBF pro status in their respective class.  Moving forward, any IPE Pro who wants to compete in the WNBF will continue to be required to qualify through an INBF amateur event.  We look forward to seeing Katy at many INBF/WNBF this season.

Powerhouse Oklahoma promoter Steve Clausen joins the INBF with four very strong established shows spread throughout the entire season.   Steve has been promoting for over ten years.  Steve has also been judging for twenty years so he will be a great addition with all of his experience.  He is the owner of One Healthy Bod in Edmond, OK.  Oklahoma is new territory for the INBF, and we look forward to seeing some great natural competitors from this region earn pro status to step on stage with the best in the World.

Terri Reeves joins a great California team bringing her Natural Central Valley event to the INBF in August.  Terri has been promoting for a number of years, but is no stranger to the WNBF.  She has been a major supporter and judge of the California Natural Muscle Mayhem events for 2 decades, and Terri also is a WNBF Pro Women’s Bodybuilder.  She is the owner of Body Temple Fitness in Fresno, CA.

Francisco Inzunza has assisted with events in California for many years, and won his WNBF Pro Card at Battle of the Bay in 2018.  Francisco is finishing his Nursing degree in May, and will be co-promoting Battle of the Bay in October with Tina and Bob who have kept this great event alive since it’s founder; Eugene Chuvyrov, had a job transfer out of the area.  Francisco has been taking copious notes on promoting for years, and we know he will do a fantastic job.

Edna Castaneda is a WNBF Figure Pro, and her husband Jermaine Castaneda is a personal trainer, coach and owner of JCreation in San Diego.  These two are a phenomenal team, and already have their August event dialed down to every detail.  The SoCal UpRoar has been gaining attention since last summer, and it will be an incredible addition to the west coast schedule.

Chris Elkins achieved WNBF Pro status in 2015 as a very accomplished bantamweight, and Chris Barakat also competes, and holds a Masters of Science & Nutrition.  The two own Max Hype Training offering a variety of training programs for all, and they are known by literally “millions” in social media.  The Max-Hype SuperNatural Pro/Am is slated for August 10th in Orlando, FL, and we are beyond excited for the hype!

Tim and Kate Williams are bringing the INBF to the beautiful state of Maine.  Tim is and accomplished bodybuilder, and police officer, while Kate is a coach and trainer.  They are excited to bring all of the important components of competition to the athletes at their event in April.  From goodie bags and great awards, to all of the necessary planning to ensure that the Northwoods Classic sparks the camaraderie of natural bodybuilding that they both cherish.

Veronica and Joe Tahan have both competed, and Veronica gained WNBF Pro Figure status in 2018.  Another couple that trains together will undoubtedly exude their passion for the sport of natural bodybuilding to the athletes at the Empire State Cup in Utica on Sunday, May 5th.  Both Joe and Veronica have vast business knowledge which is important for promoters to be able to run a quality experience from start to finish for all involved.

Aaron Orton is bringing the INBF back to Oregon after so many years.  Aaron is a WNBF Pro bodybuilder, former Marine, and owner of Genuine Fitness Training Facility in the beautiful college town of Eugene.  The Cecil Phillips Classic event has been on the calendar of many since last summer, and Aaron’s posing classes are consistently full of those getting ready for the stage. Aaron has the support of his wife Lyndsi and their young twins.

Alfred Ra’oof and Clem Lafrades have been promoting in Washington State for 4 years, and they are the owners of Victory Get Fit Club.  Both are natural competitors, and Alfred holds a Men’s Physique Pro Card.  Their favorite part about running events is sharing hope and inspiration to athletes and audience members. The Victory Natural Northwest event is known for a warm and friendly atmosphere, so please have a wonderful time on April 27th in Federal Way, WA.

The WNBF is growing worldwide at an exponential rate, and this is something that we are so proud of and excited about.  The new International promoters for 2019 include those who have been on a WNBF world stage such as Victor Velazquez of Argentina, Simon and Stephanie Collins of New Zealand, and Kevin Lin of Taiwan.  Anderson Landazury of Columbia is an accomplished physique athlete, and so proud to be a natural representation in his country. Melvyn Yeo of Singapore has been hosting natural bodybuilding seminars, and Eason Lu is an accomplished coach yielding very strong competitive teams in Taiwan.  To find such incredible people on the diverse continents of Asia, South America, and Oceania is the most wonderful thing we could imagine.  All with the same passion for health, fitness, and bodybuilding competition.  Thank you so much to everyone that contributes such amazing things to the INBF/WNBF!