Amy Rausch


About Amy

Home and Family

Lives in Portland, OR with her mom, brother, and 2 furry friends 

Personal Stats

Age 26
Competition weight 99 lbs.
Off season weight 110 lbs.

WNBF Qualifying Show

Washington State Natural 2015, Open Bikini

Describe your path to the pro ranks.

My path to the pro ranks has had its ups and downs, but the challenges are what make the journey so rewarding. My biggest struggles and challenges were (and probably always will be) the ones on the inside: finding balance in my life and accepting that perfection isn’t realistic. Before I ever began lifting weights, I was living in fear: fear of failure, fear of never being enough, fear of what other people thought about me. It’s ironic that something so focused on your outward appearance can so profoundly affect who you are on the inside, but competing has been an avenue to challenge myself, push myself, explore my fears, find my strengths, and discover myself. So while my path to the pro ranks can be looked at in terms of my physique and the struggles and challenges to get stage-ready, the most meaningful challenges have been overcome on the inside. Although we are judged on stage for our physiques, I’ve learned that I cannot judge myself solely for my physique. My physique does not define me. The more that I value my character, my integrity, and my relationships — the things that actually make me me — the more my balance is restored and the less I struggle with it. Earning pro status is a cherry on top of an already priceless journey.

Which WNBF pro shows have you competed in?

Just qualified as a pro this year!

What does being a WNBF pro mean to you?

Being a WNBF pro means being an ambassador for the WNBF and an advocate for natural bodybuilding. It means representing an organization that I truly believe in and being an involved member of the WNBF community. It means I have the privilege to connect with and compete alongside other athletes who share the same passion. It means having the opportunity to build a family within the WNBF. It means recognizing those who have helped me make it this far, and paying it forward to others who are interested in the sport.

Are you involved in other areas of natural bodybuilding?

I train bikini competitors as well as general fitness clients. I blog about bodybuilding and competing at I’m not currently involved in judging or promoting, but it’s definitely something I want to do in the future.

Which WNBF amateur shows are you likely to attend?

There are only 2 shows here in the Pacific Northwest, but I try to make it to the ones I can!

Will you be competing in the 2015 Worlds in Atlantic City?

I will not be competing at Worlds this year as I’m working on my package for my first pro show… But it’s definitely a competitive goal of mine. Worlds 2016 is on my list!

What are your competitive goals?

My biggest goal right now is to bring my best package yet for my pro debut in April, and I’m working hard during this improvement season to make that happen. Living in the Pacific Northwest, there are not a lot of pro bikini shows nearby, so my goal is to travel to and compete in several shows across the country, make great memories, make new friends, and make the most out of my year.