Worlds 2020 Cancellation


The WNBF World Championship event has evolved into such a beautifully represented international competition over the past few years.  There are currently 31 World Affiliates of the WNBF, and all are so proudly presenting truly drug-free competitions:
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The largest World’s to date occurred in November of 2019 in New York, where 67% of the 363 competitors were from World Affiliate teams.  The representation of winners in the Pro classes and WNBF Pro card winners was 58% international athletes.  Really, Really Good international athletes.  2019 also required amateur competitors from the US to need to qualify for Worlds which did bring a much higher caliber of contestants.  The event in New York went into the early morning hours of Sunday, and “exhaustion” was a term used by nearly all.  The plan for 2020 has been a return to the wonderfully established location in Los Angeles, California with a well planned Two-Day format.

We have tried to remain hopeful for the November Worlds event, yet we can’t overcome all of the issues surrounding Covid-19.  We are so very sorry to announce that the 2020 INBF/WNBF World Championship event will be cancelled.  The Virus is rampant in California, and our schools and gyms remain closed in many counties.  We have reached out to venue personnel for months with plans to hold the competition with all Covid protocols in place, without an audience, and limiting a minimal amount of people inside at once.  They will not allow any events through 2020.  The quarantine requirements also create an insurmountable obstacle for travel.  To date, All of the US contests except one, and all international events except two have been cancelled.  There remain less than 10 scheduled events worldwide.   All three of us competed as WNBF Pro bodybuilders for years, and so we know exactly how hard the athletes have worked.  Especially within these very stressful and uncertain times, we wanted to announce as soon as possible that the contest cannot take place.  We Thank everyone for all of their hard work and dedication to natural bodybuilding.  Please stay safe and healthy, and we will be set for the Best Worlds Ever in Los Angeles, California November, 2021.

Tina, Bob, and Nancy

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