Welcome Argentina


We are excited to welcome the new leadership of WNBF Argentina.  President Leandro Ezequiel Echezarreta will be leading the natural movement from 2023 and beyond just as Victor Velasquez has done before him.  WNBF Argentina is now based in San Miguel De Tucuman.  The WNBF Argentina leadership also consists of Vice President Matias Gabriel Medina, and Secretary Angel Gambino.

A message from the President;

Many athletes in Argentina want to belong to a truly natural federation.  We continue to see other worldwide federations grow and we also want WNBF Argentina to grow like other affiliates have done.  We want to show society how beautiful our sport is without the need to consume substances that are harmful to our health.  We want all fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts to view the body as a whole, not just for the physical body but for the strengths of the mind and soul also.  We wish that people may reclaim the concept that our ancestors practiced.  To forge their personality through motor learning as the principle for a good life, understanding this as our first home, and practicing it for life.

WNBF Argentina will act mainly as an informative organization for the remaining of 2023, and we will seek to be the main references in creating as much awareness as possible of drug free sport in my country.  The morals and values of the WNBF will continue to be upheld in all that we do in Argentina.

We take our role as new leaders of WNBF Argentina very serious.  We will do all we can in any situation to improve natural bodybuilding for our members.  Many believe that Argentineans struggle financially and they cannot afford to compete but this is simply not the case.  I believe in the bodybuilding community and that their mindset has changed.  This if visible when you look at the numbers of people who compete in multiple organization events and most are not even drug tested.  We look forward to athletes pursuing the path of health and self-respect, and we hope that we all can reach more young people and that they will be supported by our communities across Argentina.

I always say “by my side” (not behind), I have an army that pushes me to continue. I am grateful to all of them for this opportunity, because I am BECAUSE WE ARE! It would be nothing without my wife, my friends and many athletes who have supported me.  This support is more than a working relationship, we have formed a family…with the same thought – RESPECT!

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