RESULTS 2017 INBF Wisconsin Natural


Held April 22, 2017 in Madison, Wisconsin

Promoted by Ford Sheridan


Figure Masters 40+

1st Jessica Ervin
2nd Molly Thompson
3rd Angie Meyer
4th Myra Edwards
5th Erin Sadler

Open Figure Short
(under 5’-4”)

1st Katelyn Rasmussen
2nd Betty Guerrero Ramirez
3rd Hayley Gigous
4th Alicia Castonguay
5th Angie Meyer

Open Figure Medium
(5’-4” to 5’-5”)

1st Jessica Ervin
2nd Kayleigh Cleary
3rd Laura Hurlbert
4th Chelsie Nowak
5th Krissy Dierkes

Open Figure Tall
(above 5’-5”)

1st Ariel Mierendorf
2nd Kelly McElwain
3rd Sara Loomis
4th Courtney Ollerman
5th Connie Salm

Fit Body
Short (under 5’-4”)

1st Katelyn Rasmussen
2nd Betty Guerrero Ramirez
3rd Jessica Peters

Medium (5’-4” to 5’-5”)

1st Jessica Ervin
2nd Chelsie Nowak
3rd Breanne Drobac
4th Laura Hurlbert
5th Krissy Dierkes

Tall (above 5’-5”)

1st Ariel Mierendorf*
2nd Megan Nicholson
3rd Kelly McElwain
4th Sarah Prange
5th Yvonne Mueller

Men Bodybuilding

1st Lukas Hamblen
2nd Collin Burke
3rd Blake Anthony Ruiz

Women’s Bodybuilding
Masters 40+ and 50+

1st Yvonne Mueller

Light Weight
(under 120 lbs)

1st Jessica Peters

Women Bodybuilding

Heavy Weight
(120.25 lbs and over)

1st Megan Nicholson*
2nd Sarah Prange
3rd Yvonne Mueller
4th Colleen Lowe

Men’s Bodybuilding
Masters 40+

1st Harold Ferguson
2nd Wyatt Foard
3rd Jeff Lisse
4th Steven Milioto
5th Mike Lisle

Masters 50+

1st Harold Ferguson
2nd Terry Drotar
3rd Scott LaFleur
4th Jeff Lisse
5th Mike Lisle

Masters 60+

1st Harold Ferguson
2nd Vernon Rickey Hicks
3rd Vladimir Subbotin

Men Bodybuilding

Bantam Weight
(150lbs and under)

1st Tony Meives
2nd Terry Drotar

Light Weight

1st David Haselton
2nd Jose Aguirre
3rd Harold Ferguson
4th Tyler Smith
5th Collin Burke

Middle Weight

1st Blake Anthony Ruiz
Light Heavy Weight

1st Kraig Baxter
2nd Alex Zitske
3rd Jed Kosch
4th Wyatt Foard

Heavy Weight
(190.25lbs and over)

1st Ryan Scott

Bikini Open
Short (under 5’-5”)

1st Rosemarie Silha
2nd Brittany Sellers
3rd Jocelyn Martin
4th Melinda Seelow
5th Fiona Wakefield

Medium (5’-5” to under 5’-6”)

1st Jessica Orban
2nd Haley Going
3rd Becky Hookham
4th Tammy Offer
5th Lynn Sullivan

Tall (5’-6” and above)

1st Amber Beaver
2nd Alma Mentz
3rd Ashley Srb
4th Kayla Tabalske
5th Samantha Powers

Men’s Physique

Short (5’-9” and below)
1st Bryan Ross
2nd Jacob Conner
3rd Ron Alexander
4th Daniel Lee
5th Erin Tallard

Medium (5’-9 1/2” to 5’-11”)

1st Kyle Clarke
2nd Isaiah Harmison
3rd Lucas Scott
4th Robert Rufflo
5th Kerby Thomas

Tall (above 5’-11”)

1st Joshua Hair
2nd Dustin Draeger
3rd Cody Stelmach
4th Tony Berry
5th Kenneth Sala