Promoters Veronica and Joseph Tahan

  • INBF Empire State Cup
  • City of Residence: Whitesboro, New York
  • Event Location(s)/City State(s): Utica, New York
  •  Children:  2 Beagles Brandy and Bailey
  • Occupations: Veronica is a Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist and Joseph helps run his families 3rd generation business in his home town. 

Joseph and I are very excited to be joining the INBF/WNBF Promotional team and in hosting our very first event.  I was an event organizer in college, and I also have experience working as a wedding planner.  Promoting a bodybuilding and physique event is going to be very natural for us.  While Joseph and I are not competing ourselves we like to stay involved in our sport on the off season.  What a better way to be in contact with athletes than to promote an event in Utica.

We chose the INBF/WNBF as our sanctioning body because we believe in the drug testing, as well as the INBF/WNBF possessing the vast majority of elite natural athletes.  We have also noticed that these federations runs organized and well attended competitions, and the judging criteria is simply superior compared to others.

We are very excited and greatly looking forward to the actual show day next year.  We will be working very hard over the next several months in organizing this competition, and we cant wait to see our efforts unfold for not only us as promoters but for the athletes.  Seeing everyone’s hard work displayed on stage and handing out awards to the competitors is what we are really stoked to do!  A long with top notch awards will be Cass Martin’s line of supplements offered as prizes, as well as competitor gift bags or draw string bags for all athletes to enjoy.

I wanted to thank my husband and business partner Joseph Tahan for all his help and support with this new show promoting adventure.  We have been working hard in securing sponsors for the event next year, and we just can’t wait for our very first “posedown”!

Notable Accomplishments/Titles:

  • WNBF Figure Pro Card
    2018 INBF Natural USA – Thank You Dan and Paul!
  • Please view our INBF Empire State Cup event page here