WNBF Colombia


WNBF Colombia was established in 2018 in Bogota, Colombia.  Mr. Harold Sanchez has been involved in the operations of WNBF Colombia throughout, and he has recently been appointed to lead the ongoing efforts to expand the federation offering drug free opportunities for athletes in his great country!

A Message From The President;

Being natural has always been important to me.  My life’s philosophy has been to support positive ethics, responsibility, honesty, and to transmit respectable values through health and sport.  I hold a Masters Degree in Physical Activity and Health, and I am a teacher of Physical Education.  I’m a proud owner of Natural Body Gym, as well as a personal trainer at my fitness facility.

WNBF Colombia will devote all of our energy to create space for all of those who believe in the exemplary conduct of culturism and drug free sport.  This is what the WNBF has stood for for over 31 years, and we will continue these morals and ethical approach to drug testing in my country.

Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Mexico City for the 2019 WNBF Mexico Cup.  I was honored to take a WNBF Colombia athlete to the Mexico Cup for an international competitive experience.  It was very important to see the polygraph and urinalysis testing at the event, and I also met many great people from other countries.  Among the people in attendance was WNBF Philippines President Chris Byrne, as well as WNBF Pro and guest poser Jeff Alberts.  It was nice to see such a tight knit community of people who all share the same ideals of natural bodybuilding.

I would like to thank Bob Bell for his trust in me to lead, and for all of his help and support in continuing to organize and grow WNBF Colombia.  An additional thank you to WNBF Pro Francisco Inzunza for all of his time in helping translate all of our conversations and zoom calls.

For more information about WNBF Colombia please visit my event page HERE.