Welcome WNBF Uruguay

World Natural Bodybuilding Federation Welcome Poster

With great excitement we warmly welcome WNBF Uruguay President Martin Silva to the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation.  WNBF Uruguay was founded on January 26, 2023 in the Montevideo, Uruguay.

A message from the President;

I am so excited to become a representative of the WNBF.  I have so much passion for this sport and bringing to my country a federation where everyone can compete on equal terms with the aim of promoting 100% natural bodybuilding in the region.  WNBF Uruguay will focus on creating a collective awareness of our sport, demonstrating that there is another path like 100% natural bodybuilding, and prove that this approach to the sport is the healthiest way to develop our true potential without compromising our future health.

We admire the WNBF because of what they have always stood for.  Healthy competition and strong morals, values, and transparency with regard to drug testing it’s athletes around the world.  We are also committed to the WNBF and will also host events that are great for athletes and we will also strive to make competitions increasingly popular over time so that WNBF Uruguay will also make a legacy for itself.

We would like to thank Roberto Amorosi, WNBF Spain President and WNBF Professional for educating me about the WNBF and for helping us make contact with the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation to carry out this project in my country.  Roberto has taught me so much and he has inspired me in so many ways.  Thank you WNBF for trusting me in leading natural bodybuilding under the WNBF banner in Uruguay.

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