Welcome WNBF UAE


We are very excited to welcome WNBF United Arab Emirates to our International Team of affiliates!  WNBF UAE was established in Dubai, UAE on July 11, 2020 by WNBF UAE President Charles Barclay and WNBF UAE Vice President Kyle Gallant.

A message from the President;

My love of natural bodybuilding led me to compete with the WNBF.  I had the opportunity to travel to World’s in New York in 2019 and I had the competitive experience of a lifetime.  Following my World’s weekend experience I just knew I had to bring natural bodybuilding to the UAE and the GCC.  There is a huge underrepresentation of not only natural bodybuilding in the region, but also a very serious lack of comprehensive drug testing as well.  Out of all the natural organizations out there the WNBF has the best record, and the integrity to fully drug test it’s athletes on and off season.  This approach to testing athletes has attracted the strongest international affiliates from around the world.  We are excited to continue this legacy in the UAE and to celebrate the sport with all athletes and affiliates.

In the short term the bodybuilding and fitness communities can expect us to work hard to help grow the sport in our region, and we welcome all of you to climb on board with our efforts.  Our long terms plans will be to expand the number of shows in the UAE, and to establish a team of nationally qualified athletes to take to World’s and display what the GCC can bring to our sport.

I’d like to pay special thanks to WNBF Germany for allowing me to experience their incredibly fun International Open Championships in 2019, and to Bob Bell and Tina Smith for welcoming me into the WNBF Family.  Thank You,

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