Welcome WNBF Türkiye

WNBF Türkiye was founded on April 2, 2024 in Zonguldak-Kdz ereğli by WNBF Türkiye President Omer Faruk Darcin, Vice President İlbey ekinci, and Secretary Gözde Darçın.

A message from the President;

Omer Faruk Darcin WNBF Turkiye President WNBF Pro

I am thankful and inspired to be able to offer natural bodybuilders the opportunity to compete in my country. As an athlete, I learned about WNBF too late in my life. I couldn’t race for years and was deprived of that experience because there have never been drug tested events in Türkiye. There was a lot of excitement and enthusiasm in the world about the WNBF which attracted me to this federation.  Now I have the opportunity to help other people experience what I experienced with the WNBF, and that is for me to provide drug tested natural bodybuilding and physique events for naturals in their native land.

I am so happy to have learned about the WNBF and their vision, mission, and morals and values about bodybuilding in a natural way.  Together we will validate that Natural Bodybuilding can happen.  I am a proud natural bodybuilder and also an entrepreneur in hosting my first WNBF Türkiye event in 2025.

WNBF Türkiye will encourage strong structure. We want to raise as many quality athletes as possible and make a splash in the international arena. My first encounter with WNBF was with WNBF Ukraine. Because of the dire situation in Ukraine, the soldiers on the border held me captive for 9 hours, but it did not make me loose my focus and I won my WNBF Pro card.  I had the opportunity to polygraph test and urine test showing the world that I am a drug free athlete.  I will never forget that entire experience and I thank David Birger, WNBF Ukraine President for all he did for athletes in the midst of war.

I would like to thank my family, siblings, and my wife who are always my supporters in everything I do.

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