Welcome WNBF Portugal


WNBF Portugal was founded on May 15, 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal by Hilda Amaral.  A message from the president;

We are very excited to bring natural bodybuilding to Portugal under the WNBF banner.  I was initially introduced to the WNBF at the 1st WNBF Philippines natural bodybuilding and physique competition in Makati in 2018.  I was invited to sit in on a comprehensive judges training seminar and to test judge the competition.  I learned so much in this instructional course, as well as observing all of the hard work, dedication, and commitment that the athletes endeavor during their competitive journies.  My experiences in the Philippines made me realize that I held in my hands the experience and passion in wanting to affiliate with this wonderful international natural fitness family.

For the rest of the 2020 season, we will work hard to establish and grow the WNBF brand in Portugal, and also to network with fitness facilities and other companies integral to helping us grow.  In 2021, WNBF Portugal will provide 100% drug tested stages for natural athletes which will be the first time in Portugal’s bodybuilding and fitness history!

We greatly look forward to the evolution of the athletic following we build, and being able to have a team representing Portugal at Amateur and Pro Worlds is our wonderful goal!

I would like to introduce our executive board members;

Vice President – Detsing Sappaso
Secretary/Treasurer -Thatchanon Thepthida

Please visit our WNBF Portugal event page by clicking Here