Welcome WNBF Poland

Welcome World Natural Bodybuilding Federation, Poland Poster

Please extend a very warm welcome to WNBF Poland President Mario Czerniewicz and his wife Karolina the leadership of WNBF Poland.  WNBF Poland was established on July 16, 2021 in Olsztyn, Poland.

A message from the President;

I am a proud lifetime natural athlete.  I began lifting weights at the young age of 12.  My childhood love was playing the sport of football. Hitting the gym was always just for fun for me. But, as you can probably guess… Gym then began dominated my life. I can’t explain that with words, but I had that inner voice telling me I can achieve way more in the sport of bodybuilding than I could in football. At the age of 18 I decided to listen to that gut feeling and after 5 years of serious work I was able to become the first ever natural bodybuilding champion in Poland in the junior category.

During these 5 years I figured out that the bodybuilding community is different. I had a background in competitive sport and it was so strange for me, that doping is treated here like bread and butter. I was also strongly pushed by other bodybuilders to try performance enhancing drugs… I heard so many times that I have to “take something” if I want to win… But I never did! They did not break me! I never quit or gave up on my moral integrity which is to be true to sport and to compete drug free.

I was raised as an athlete & decided to die as an athlete. I play fair. I truly thank God for that Jr. championship experience because I was able to prove to myself and other young people that it is possible without drugs.

Fast forwarding several years and the explosion of the Men’s Physique category which I transitioned into. I had the opportunity to compete and win several international amateur events and also became the first polish IFBB PRO physique in 2013. Sounds like a dream right?

Not at all! Sure, I am proud of all my hard work and achievements, but when I saw what is happening behind the scenes of these pro events and I realized it’s the exact opposite of what I stand for and what I want to support as an athlete. My heart was broken and for me… Competitive bodybuilding was dead!

But… Here comes the light in the darkness part of the story. My friend who is also a WNBF Professional, Alberto Nunez gave me hope! He explained to me that there’s another way.  The pure sport way to chase our athletic goals. Berto spoke highly about the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation and its stance against performance enhancing substances. Let me tell you, this was a breath of fresh air! Shortly after that I began communicating with Bob Bell, owner of the WNBF and I learned so much about the WNBF and their approach to drug testing both in and out of season. Seeing in person how WNBF works… It was one of the easiest decisions in my life to move forward with. I decided to quit IFBB PRO & join the federation which really cares about our sport- WNBF!

In my mind, the future belongs to WNBF and putting Poland amongst 45+ affiliate countries who share the same goals, morals, values, and most importantly drug testing integrity worldwide is truly a big honor for me.

Sending many blessings and pure love for all the WNBF athletes around the world. Poland respects you and can’t wait to see you here, on our stage!

Do the work. Stay true to the game. Play fair and never lose morality in the process. That makes you an instant champion, no matter where this bodybuilding journey is going to take you, you win. You win in life.

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