Welcome WNBF Philippines!


November 7, 2017

We are thrilled to welcome the Philippines to our growing Team of International Leadership!

Please welcome Maria and Chris Byrne to the WNBF!

Address from the President;

We are so very proud to bring an organization like the WNBF to the Philippines! It is a true honour for us to have this opportunity to continuously promote the natural athlete in a drug-free competition that values hard work, dedication and sacrifice.

The arrival of the WNBF to the Philippines could not be timed better. Currently, the nation is in a positive transition towards a healthier and stronger way of living. In the country there are many wonderful changes such as smoking increasingly becoming taboo, a unified resistance toward banned substances in athletic competitions, a significant shift to cleaner eating, and more and more opportunities for active living for all ages and abilities.

Our upcoming WNBF PH events will be celebrations of the God-given human body. Every event will be in honour of all the athletes that strived for their moment on stage to be showcased and to be properly recognized for their well-deserved and extensive efforts.

Please visit us in the beautiful Philippines and witness an amazing WNBF Philippines event. You will be treated as an honoured guest.

It’s more fun in the Philippines!

Maria Cecilia Byrne, President
Chris Byrne, Director

Maria Cecilia Byrne (aka Mitch)

2010 Miss Earth Canada Contestant
2011 Miss Latina del Mundo (placed top 7, represented the Philippines)
2012 Miss Universe Canada (awarded Miss Congeniality)
2016 INBF Canada in Winnipeg (1st place Bikini)
2016 UKDFBA (4th place International division Bikini)
2017 INBF Canada Edmonton (1st place Bikini Tall, WNBF Pro Card)

3rd degree Black Belt in Taekwondo with the WTF/Kukkiwon
Olympic Taekwondo Coach
Fitness class instructor, Personal Trainer, Stage Presence coach, Nutrition consultant, Fitness facility owner

Chris Byrne

5th degree Master of Taekwondo with the WTF/Kukkiwon
Olympic Taekwondo Coach
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Lifeguard with the Lifesaving Society
Fitness Class and Resistance Training Instructor
Personal Trainer, Nutrition consultant, Bikini and Physique competition Trainer, Fitness facility owner