Welcome WNBF Peru


WNBF PERÚ was founded on August 15, 2022 in Wanchaq, Cusco, Perú by WNBF Peru President William Antonio Porras Martinez and WNBF Peru Vice President Frank Joel Aranibar Pacheco.

Board Members:  Angela Azucena Tagle Medrano, and Valentina Svetlana Zamalloa Quispe.

A message from the President;

The love for natural bodybuilding has made me try to discover the correct way to practice this beautiful sport without drugs that damage your health.  Currently there is an injustice at a competitive level, where people are practically forced to use drugs to be able to compete on equal terms.  This has to end and for this reason we will begin a joint fight so that we can make natural bodybuilding reborn in the Peru and give the best opportunities to athletes who practice this beautiful sport.  Natural is possible!!

WNBF Peru was founded on the same principles as the WNBF 33 year history in that all competitions in Peru will be of equal and fair conditions and always under anti doping controls under WADA and WNBF protocols.  Natural Athletes and WNBF affiliates can be assured that WNBF Peru will operate with professionalism and for the diffusion of natural bodybuilding through WNBF Peru.

WNBF Peru has the honor and satisfaction in presenting to our country the most respected and prestigious natural bodybuilding federation in the world where anti doping controls are carried out and true natural athletes are recognized.

Our journey began months ago when we had the opportunity to meet Bob Bell via a zoom meeting.  Bob had patience with us and he was willing to listen to us and our morals, values, and visions of natural bodybuilding in Peru.

On behalf of our team (William, Frank, Angela, and Valentina) we would first like to thank our families for having educating us with values and principles for our lives.  We also want to thank each other because we found motivation to make it possible for WNBF Peru.  Above all, the WNBF Family that make it possible for us to recover sports values and give merit to truly natural athletes.

We want to recognize and give merit to natural athletes for their years of effort through fair competitions and in equal conditions. To let people know that natural bodybuilding is a sport that goes hand in hand with health and aesthetics, and revindicates bodybuilding to make it a sustainable practice over the years.
Finally, we feel very grateful to Bob and Tina for showing the world that there is a federation that gives praise to natural athletes.  The are helping make people aware that without the use of doping substances one can succeed and achieve glory.  We would also like to thank them for the trust in us to make the WNBF Peru very successful.  We welcome all Peruvian athletes who are eligible under our 10 year drug free guidelines to take part in our inaugural event in 2023.

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