Welcome WNBF Oman

Alireza Sharifi WNBF Oman President

Alireza Sharifi

Hamid pour khosravani WNBF Oman Vice President

Hamidreza pour Khosravani
Vice President

Hamid Sharifi WNBF Oman Secretary

Amin Sharifi


We are excited to welcome President Alireza Sharifi, Vice President Hamidreza pour Khosravani, Secretary Amin Sharifi, and WNBF Oman to the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation.  WNBF Oman was established on March 29, 2024 in Muscat, Oman.

A message from the President,

We are grateful to be able to offer natural athletes from Oman, Iran, and surrounding areas the opportunity to compete truly drug free.  Our mission is to offer drug tested events that follow the WADA code, and for athletes to not have to try and find drugs to build their physiques any longer!  We want to breed champions from Oman so that they are able to travel internationally to compete for great prizes and cash as WNBF Professionals.

Like all other WNBF affiliates and promoters, we are happy to participate in this federation to fight against prohibited drugs and lead athletes down the road to healthy bodybuilding not drug ridden bodybuilding that is so prominent today.  I have been given this exact opportunity to compete abroad with WNBF UAE and I was excited to win two gold medals in men's physique at the age of 20.


I would like to thank Bob Bell, Charles Barclay, Kyle Gallant, Dr. Xian, Masoud Sharifi, Fatemeh pour Khosravani and Amin Sharifi for their trust in me and believing that we will represent the WNBF in our great country of Oman.

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