Welcome WNBF Netherlands

Welcome WNBF Netherlands

We warmly welcome WNBF Netherlands President Georgiana Zwemmer-Ghioc, and Vice President Bart Zwemmer to the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation.  WNBF Netherlands was established on April 26, 2022 in Almere, Netherlands.

A message from the President;

I have always had the passion for bodybuilding in a natural way.  Building a healthy lifestyle and body inspired us to bring the love for it to a new level and offer the possibility for athletes to participate in competitions that are dedicated for a fair and healthy way of sporting.

We are very thankful and honored to have been given the opportunity to bring the WNBF to the Netherlands.  We are excited to build knowledge and educate young athletes for a chance of becoming an incredible athlete without the harmful effects of anabolic substances.  We will be successful in this endeavor through workshops, seminars, and competitions in the Netherlands.  The WNBF is a family of countries all over the world that have the same mission.  The WNBF has been a great support system and they have motivated us to be our best.  With their long standing experience leading natural bodybuilding worldwide we will continue following their lead in the Netherlands.

In April of 2022 we were born into the beautiful family of the WNBF and we know that there will be a lot of memorable experiences together over the next several years.  We are more than grateful to Bob and Tina that saw in us the capabilities of starting up this affiliation and appreciate their dedication and professionalism in the world of bodybuilding. They were always very receptive and prompt in their help and answers and we trust that with their support WNBF Netherland will become very successful.

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About the Author: Bob Bell

An athlete since high school, Bob started bodybuilding in 1997, achieving WNBF Pro status in 2000. His degree in Exercise Science and leadership and event promotion skills lend professional experience in his role as WNBF Vice President in charge of the organization’s stringent drug-testing policies.