Welcome WNBF Mexico

Welcome To World Natural Bodybuilding Federation Poster

Please welcome the new leadership of WNBF Mexico, WNBF Mexico President Daniel Renteria, and WNBF Mexico Vice President Efrain Sanchez.  The new chapter of WNBF Mexico became official on January 11, 2023.  Truly Natural athletes in Mexico need to know they can trust Daniel and Efrain to deliver consistent polygraph and urinalysis testing that the athletes in Mexico respect and demand.  The first WNBF Mexico event will occur in 2024.

A message from the President;

Efrain and I are very excited to begin this new journey with the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation.  The central purpose that we have is to change the perspective that everyone has about bodybuilding in our country.  I also have this heading towards where it always should have been: based 100% on a culture of health, well-being and fair competition; reaching the level of normality and expectation that is already in place in different affiliated countries.

One of the things I like the most about having decided to be part of this project is the support we have from WNBF International.  Knowing that we are hand in hand with the most serious federation in the world, and most committed to maintaining an honest bodybuilder free of doping.  We know we have the best protocols in place and we are always looking to have a better way of showing it every year.

We are looking for the best opportunities for competitors throughout Mexico, and through my personal training business we are also helping prepare athletes with the common purpose in mind for our country; to ensure that natural bodybuilding is seen as a sport throughout the world!

I would like to thank my fiancée who has always been by my side and supporting me and motivating me to fulfill my dreams.  I enjoy finding various ways to always contribute in some way to the growth of natural bodybuilding in my country. To my colleagues and friends, Efrain and Philippe, having met them has been key to making this possible.  We have formed an incredible team with the same commitment and passion and we will work every day to make natural bodybuilding something bigger and bigger.
I would also like to make a special mention to my teacher, role model and friend WNBF Pro Roberto Amorosi of WNBF Spain for being an inspiration and encouraging me in this great project.

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