Welcome WNBF Malaysia

Welcome World Natural Bodybuilding Malaysia Poster

We warmly welcome WNBF Malaysia President Sim Chun Hean, Vice President Edward Chuah Yit How, and the WNBF Malaysia Team of representatives to the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation.  WNBF Malaysia was founded in Penang & Selangor, Malaysia on September 22, 2022.

A message from the President;

Edward and I have been natural bodybuilders all our lives, and looking for a good drug-tested federation to compete in Malaysia is the utmost impossible as there is NONE in the country. We would always have to travel to compete in a fair game. Both of us see the opportunity and a discussion between us sparked the idea of bringing the WNBF to our country.

Our very first focus is crystal clear, that is, to organize the first natural bodybuilding competition in the history of Malaysia, under the name of WNBF and we are sure it will be unforgettable. The vision we have for WNBF Malaysia is continue to grow into a bigger organization so we could reach more natural bodybuilders who are aspired to stay natural lifetime and also youngster who are just started their bodybuilding journey and continue to inspire them by showcasing the potentials of natural bodybuilding.

The biggest reason Edward and I chose to be affiliated with WNBF and not even think about any other federation is the standards that the WNBF has for all the natural lifters, that has been able to provide a platform for aspiring natural bodybuilders to compete at the highest level without having to worry about the fairness of the game because the WNBF is compliant with the WADA standards, and there is no space for negotiation on drug testing.

We hope athletes from all countries will come and compete with WNBF Malaysia per WNBF affiliate rules.  Competitors will experience a sense of belonging, a start of a community where every speaks the same language, a support system, that will only continue to grow if we all come forward for the love of the sport.

We’d like to extend our gratitudes to Eason Lu from WNBF Taiwan, and also Christopher Byrne from WNBF Philippines who shared their invaluable experiences and also encouragement in the establishment of WNBF Malaysia. Last but not least, both of our family members who have been very supportive both mentally, and physically. Family love helps a lot, and it goes a long way.”

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