Welcome WNBF Korea


The WNBF is very proud to welcome WNBF Korea as part of our growing Team of International Affiliates.  Established in February of 2017 and led by President Jangrae Hong 홍장래. WNBF Korea is organizing the first 100% fully drug tested Truly Natural bodybuilding and physique competition. 

All athletes will be required to pass an intense polygraph examination, and overalls/ WNBF Pro Card winners will additionally submit to WADA compliant steroid and diuretic urinalysis testing.  This is the first time in Korean history that this level and intensity of testing has ever been instituted in any sport!

This year WNBF Korea has two events planned.  The first will take place on May 19, 2018 at the Taekwondo Arena within the Olympic Park K Art Hall, and the latter event in ’18 will take place at the New Millennium Hall in Konkuk University in September.

We wish Mr. Hong and all of the athletes competing with WNBF Korea this year the absolute best of luck, and hope to meet a team of Korean athletes at Worlds in November in Los Angeles, California on November 17, 2018!