Welcome Or Dan and WNBF Israel


A message from WNBF Israel President Or Dan;

I am proud to establish the first natural bodybuilding competition under the WNBF organization.  In Israel, a country in which the field of natural bodybuilding is developing further and further each year, As the president of the Israeli Bodybuilding Union, I consider it of the utmost importance and purpose to show that the true success in bodybuilding is achieving it the natural way while continuing to expand the field in Israel!
We are organizing our first competition in November 2018 and continuing forward with our 2019 competitions.  We will proceed to send our athletes to the world championships.
I would like to thank Bob and Tina for their support with establishing this federation in Israel.
On this note, I will also wish the best of luck to all the coaches and competitors who will be participating in the upcoming competition.

More about me;

I am 25 years old, and live in Israel.  I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management with top honors and is currently finishing my Masters degree.  I am considering carrying on to receive my PhD.  I have completed several courses in nutrition and I have competed as a natural bodybuilder in competitions in Israel and abroad.

I am proud to say I have been drug tested several times for banned substances.  My notable accomplishments include;

– 1st Place, 2017 Men Classic Physique, Philadelphia, PA

– 3rd Place, 2017 Men Physique, New York

I am currently the CEO and owner of the FIT.IL company for a healthy lifestyle, and I work very hard to help people achieve all of their health and fitness goals.

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