Welcome WNBF Germany


We are very happy to welcome WNBF Germany to our amazing Team of World Natural Leaders!

A message from the President;

The inception of WNBF Germany began in 2017 at FIBO in Koln, but it is now a reality in 2018!

We are proud to represent the WNBF in Germany and feel honored to have the opportunity to provide a truly natural drug free platform for German and European athletes.  WNBF Germany will uphold the same 30 year stringent drug testing policies and procedures of the WNBF at all it’s events.  The integrity of polygraph and urinalysis testing has been the backbone of the largest and most respected drug free federation in the World!

The first ever WNBF Germany competition, the International Open Championships is to be held in Munich in early November 2018.  It is open internationally and is a WNBF Pro Qualifier.  Overall division winners will be awarded WNBF Pro status, and will be eligible to compete in the WNBF World Championship in Los Angeles, CA for their share of over $40,000 on November 17th.  If you are an amateur athlete who has a WNBF Affiliate in your country it is necessary to receive permission from this federation prior to applying to the International Open Championships.

The WNBF Germany leadership a long with other WNBF Professionals will be present at FIBO in Koln from April 12 – 15, Hall 10.1 Booth G-75.  If you are an athlete interested in competing and have questions about the WNBF, or if you are a general fitness enthusiast with health and fitness questions please stop by the WNBF Germany booth to introduce yourself.

We are very excited for our inaugural event in November, and we look forward to seeing natural bodybuilding and fitness continue to grow in Germany!  Thank You all for your support!


Teresa Trieb
WNBF Germany President
WNBF Bikini Pro

Max Trieb
WNBF Germany Vice President

Please visit our new website and connect with us on social media!

URL:  www.wnbf-germany.de

IG: @wnbfgermany
FB: WNBFgermany

Please hashtag us in your posts #wnbfGermany