Welcome WNBF France


WNBF France was founded on September 18, 2019 in Paris, France by President and WNBF Pro Jimmy Diligent.

History of the President;

I was born in Paris on december 22nd 1981.  My mother is native of the Mauritius Island, and my father is from Martinique. I have one brother and 2 sisters. I am an engineer specializing in information systems and software programming. I’m also a professional photographer and video director.

I began weight 

training at the age of 19 years old and I shared many workouts with school friends.  I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed the gym and natural fitness until 2012 when I sustained an injury to my left arm.  I damaged and broke the radius bone, tore ligaments, and suffered multiple muscle tears.  I was unable to do any form of weight training for 2 years and it was a low point in my life.  My doctor finally allowed me to enter the gym to begin weight training and building muscle, and I was very happy to get back to the regular me.  I hired a personal trainer in France to help me regain harmonious balance in my posture and overall body symmetry especially in my arms.  It was with all of this hard work and dedication that I was able to make it to the stage competing in multiple shows including the 2018 WNBF Spanish Championships where I won my WNBF Pro Card.  I also had the opportunity to join the WNBF Spain Team to travel to the 2018 WNBF Amateur and Pro World Championships in Los Angeles, California where I placed 6th in my first pro show.  It was an absolutely incredible experience, and I met athletes from so many countries some of which had shared their personal struggles in life with me.

Since Worlds in L.A. I had the desire to promote and provide a real platform for French natural athletes that want a real fully tested competition to trust. It’s only possible through WNBF.  I will make each event a dream for all the athletes who want to put their best physique on stage, and I’ll enhance the WNBF to the greatest possible level in my great country!  Who’s ready to compete in France?

Thank You for reading my bio and please visit my event page HERE