Welcome WNBF Ecuador

Welcome World Natural Bodybuilding, Ecuador Poster

We warmly welcome President Luis Moreno Proaño , Vice President Jhonny Muñoz, and WNBF Ecuador to the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation!  This newly established organization was born on August 24, 2022 in Imbabura, Otavalo, Ecuador.


A message from the President;

I have always had passion for the sport of bodybuilding but doing it in a natural way.  Building a healthy lifestyle and body isnpired us to take the love for it to a new level and offer the ability for athletes to participate in competitions dedicated to a fair and healthy way of doing sport.  We are very grateful and honored to have had the opportunity to bring the WNBF to my beloved ECUADOR.

The WNBF has been a great support system and has motivated us to do our best. With their long experience leading natural bodybuilding around the world, we will continue to follow their example at Ecuador.  We are excited to generate awareness and educate young athletes so that they have the opportunity to become amazing athletes without the harmful effects of anabolic substances. We will succeed in this effort through workshops, seminars and competitions in Ecuador. The WNBF is a family of countries around the world that have the same mission.

I thank my wife Luisana who motivates me to be a better person every day, as well as my two sons Abraham and David, to whom I want to show that there is a natural sport without the use of chemicals that affect our health, but rather help to reach longevity.  And last but not least to my great friend Jhonny Muñoz, who is in every way and journey with me supporting me.

We welcome all eligible athletes to enter upcoming events in Ecuador per international affiliate rules.  Please also visit our event page HERE.