Welcome WNBF Brazil

Welcome World Natural Bodybuilding Federation, Brazil Poster

We are extremely excited to welcome WNBF Brazil to the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation.  WNBF Brazil was founded on December 27, 2022 in São Paulo, Brazil.  The Brazilian leadership consists of President Jayme Maugeri, Vice President Josep Lorenzo, and board member Bruno Macedo.

A message from the President;

Our mission like all WNBF world affiliates is to give natural athletes the ability to compete in Brasil at the same condition to their opponents in a DRUG FREE way.  WNBF Brasil will focus solely on educating, promoting natural bodybuilding, and offering annual events in our great country.  As natural bodybuilding and physique competitors in the WNBF, we desire to build our sport bigger and bigger in Brasil but only under the rules and regulations of WNBF International.  Josep and I have enjoyed our drug testing experiences with the WNBF and we enjoyed the opportunities to turn WNBF Pro this past year.

Josep and I both won our WNBF Pro card at the 2022 WNBF France Heroes Cup.  We would like to thank all of you who will support our organization in Brasil, but we also want to thank our supportive TeamXipi and the athletes and natural bodybuilding enthusiasts who follow us and trust us from the beginning of our journey.

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