Welcome WNBF Australia

Welcome World Natural Bodybuilding Australia Poster

We are very excited to welcome the new leadership of WNBF Australia on this day of September 6, 2022.  WNBF Pro & WNBF Australia President Sebastian Valdivia and Australian native & WNBF Australia Vice President Yalan Ponsford have been involved in natural bodybuilding for several years, and they are motivated to be taking the reigns of this reestablished Australian organization moving into 2023.

A message from the President;

We’ve been passionate about the WNBF since Sebastian competed for the first time in Taiwan in 2019.  Following the WNBF Taiwan show in Taipei, Sebastian traveled to Singapore to compete in the inaugural WNBF Singapore event organized by WNBF Singapore President Melvyn Yeo.  Sebastian won his WNBF Pro card at this show and it brought us even closer to the WNBF organization.  Since then, we became closer friends with the organizers of WNBF Taiwan and have supported their shows as helpers, competitors, and most recently certified judges.  We have thoroughly enjoyed every WNBF experience we’ve had.  When we learned that former Australian affiliates Toby and Jane Gartner retired from event promotion we contacted Bob Bell and expressed our desire to reestablish the WNBF in Australia.

The focus of the organization is to give all natural bodybuilding competitors a fair and equal chance to win and be judged just as the leaders of the AWNBS had done before us.  WNBF Australia will continue to be a trustworthy federation that values competitors solely for their hard work, dedication, and most importantly natural aesthetics. We are aligned with the WNBF in terms of our passion and love for fitness and natural bodybuilding. We have the same shared values and vision for the future of the sport which we know all current WNBF affiliates also possess.

Our family would like to thank WNBF Taiwan for giving us the opportunity to be involved in their shows in some way or another. Because of it, we have gathered some experiences that will definitely help us build a strong and successful organization in Australia.

We would like to invite all natural athletes to compete with us per international affiliate rules.  Please visit our event page and social media HERE