Welcome New Zealand


We are pleased to welcome WNBF New Zealand!  WNBF NZ was established on March 20, 2019 in the city of Christchurch by President Simon Collins, and Vice President and WNBF Pro Stephanie Collins.

A message from the President;

Until Stephanie and I approached the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation about affiliation there was no WNBF presence or drug tested shows utilizing both polygraph and urinalysis testing in NZ.  Creating a level playing field for all athletes and drug testing them according to WNBF standards is something we greatly look forward to and will do so with the utmost integrity.

Stephanie and I have always viewed the WNBF as the most prestigious natural organization to compete in.  Over the past few years and specifically in 2018 we had the opportunity to meet and compete with the best amateurs and professionals in the entire world in Los Angeles, California.  Our goal since then was to provide an opportunity for all eligible athletes to compete with us, and to go on and have other incredible competitive experiences with the WNBF outside of New Zealand.

Stephanie and I really owe a lot to each other.  We have come a very long way on this incredible fitness and bodybuilding journey together, and we have many great achievements which we are very proud of.

Coaching your wife can be difficult for a variety of reasons, but we were able to win not 1 but 2 WNBF Pro cards in 1 year in Fit Body and in Figure.  I myself had a top 3 placing in my class at amateur Worlds in ’18, and I will continue seeking that WNBF Pro card in the near future.  An extra special thanks to Bob Bell for extending us the opportunity and inspiring us to bring the WNBF to New Zealand.  It’s going to be a great ride together!

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