Welcome Hong Kong


We are very honored to welcome WNBF Hong Kong to the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation on this 27th day of May, 2019!

WNBF Hong Kong President Paul Wong has competed in men’s physique competitions across multiple organizations, but in 2019 he took the opportunity to compete with WNBF Taiwan in Taipei.  “This single experience enlightened me about the WNBF in that this organization respects every athlete.  I appreciate that they offer a fair and open platform for natural bodybuilders to compete”.  Following this event in Taiwan, I wanted to bring the WNBF to Hong Kong.  I reached out to Eason and Kevin of WNBF Taiwan, and Bob Bell Vice President of the WNBF to make this hope a reality.

The primary focus of our federation will be to provide natural athletes with a more fair and open competition as well as promoting the natural lifestyle. It is my honor to be able to host natural shows for the people who live in and around Hong Kong.  The initial phases of organizing a great competition have begun, and I look forward to all of the memorable moments that will be experienced with the show in Hong Kong.

I would like to thank and pay tribute to all those before me who have helped the WNBF succeed and continue to grow worldwide.  I would also like to thank Bob Bell for providing me the opportunity to establish WNBF Hong Kong, and for me to hold the first ever polygraph and urine tested international competition in the history of my country.  Another big thank you to Eason, Kevin, and the entire team of WNBF  Taiwan for an incredible experience this past April.  I appreciate all of WNBF Taiwan’s time and effort lately in helping me organize the upcoming competition so that it runs professionally and smoothly for all.

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