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Note:  Filling out this membership form does not enter you into any individual event.

  • INBF is the amateur division of the WNBF
  • The annual fee for INBF competitors is $80 (+ online processing fees)
  • Individual event and drug-testing fees are not  included in the INBF membership fee

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The Oldest and Most Respected Natural Bodybuilding Association Since 1989

Promoting science based training and nutrition methods to ensure fair competition as well as long-term health benefits for natural athletes.

  • Athlete-centered
  • Stringent In & Out of Season Drug-testing
  • Professionally Produced & Organized Events Worldwide
  • High Prize Awards
  • Strong International Affiliates
  • Experienced, Helpful, Accountable, and Friendly Worldwide Leadership
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Note:  Filling out this membership form does not enter you into any individual event.

  • WNBF Pro card winners must apply for professional status after being contacted by a WNBF official that they have a negative WADA compliant urinalysis drug test on file. Upon this notification a new pro card winner has 30 days to register for Professional status. ** This does not mean you can continue to compete as an amateur the following day, or the next week or two.
  • As of January 1st, 2024 new and existing WNBF Professionals may not compete as amateurs (in the same category they hold a Pro card in) in another amateur organization or they may sacrifice their WNBF Pro status.
  • When purchasing your WNBF Pro card you agree to be tested in and out of competition and without notice.
  • WNBF Pro's must keep their membership current at all times (this is necessary for reinforcing the above rule). For the WNBF to legally drug test it's Pro athletes out of season one must hold an active WNBF pro membership). If you do not want to abide by this policy then the WNBF might not be right for you.
  • WNBF membership is $150 annually.
  • Individual event drug testing fees ARE NOT included in the WNBF membership fee.

WNBF Membership Application

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The Oldest and Most Respected Natural Bodybuilding Association
Our core belief is the integrity of drug testing & providing a level playing field for natural athletes since 1989.


Join INBF to compete as an Amateur in any INBF event.
Join WNBF to compete as a Professional in any WNBF event.

The First of Its Kind in
Professional Athletics

In the late 1980s, the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) was founded in New York with the goal of promoting drug-tested bodybuilding events.

All WNBF competitors underwent both polygraph and urinalysis testing, as this type of testing was the first of its kind in professional athletics.

The integrity of such testing and following a formidable banned substance list is known and respected worldwide as solely that of the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation.

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This testing is the backbone of our federation, and it will never be compromised!  The WNBF aims to provide information to the population at large regarding the dangers of drug usage in sports activities and to provide a positive and fair competitive arena for its’ athletes.

The WNBF sanctions bodybuilding and physique competitions throughout the United States of America, with independent affiliates worldwide.

This span of natural events is the strongest internationally, and our domestic promoters are those with the highest level of integrity and devotion to this great sport.

The WNBF supports event promoters, judges, and other agents of the sport to achieve these same goals. Seminars, classes, and training camps shall be promoted nationally to educate and inspire the rewards of attaining fitness goals naturally through the attributes of exercise and sound nutrition.

It is with pride that we can report every single member of the WNBF team; leaders, board members, promoters, athletes, and spectators all concur with and will continue to uphold this platform of drug-free athletics.

Featured Professional:
WNBF Pro Brian DeCosta
2023 WNBF World Championships Overall Men’s Bodybuilding Champion

Brian DeCosta 2023 WNBF Seattle Worlds 34 Overall Men's Bodybuilding Champion WNBF Website

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