Francisco Inzunza


INBF Battle of the Bay

City of Residence: Sacramento, CA

Event Location(s)/City State(s): Sacramento, CA

Family: Father Francisco Inzunza Sr, Mother Elsie, and sisters Cibely and Patricia.


Occupation: Nurse

Notable Titles: Battle of the Bay
-2018 Overall WNBF Pro Card
-5th Place Bantamweight
2018 Pro Worlds

I am excited to be co-promoting my first natural bodybuilding and physique competition under the INBF banner.  Bob Bell and Tina Smith are also involved with organizing the Battle of the Bay at Ohlone College on October 12, 2019 in Fremont, California.

I began my natural career in 2009 and had an incredible time at the INBF Capital City Natural Championships in Sacramento.  Prior to actually competing I met Bob and Tina as they were guest speakers in my high school weight training class at Sheldon High School.  They talked about abstinence from performance enhancing drugs, proper health and nutrition, and participating in weight training as a lifelong lifestyle.  They also showed us photos of natural bodybuilders vs. drug using bodybuilders, and then spoke at length about the terrible side effects of steroids.  These talks have guided me to where I am today so I wanted to thank them both for their educational lectures in public schools.

Along with Bob and Tina and a variety of other INBF/WNBF officials and supporters it made it simple to choose this organization to promote for.  All of these people care greatly about the success of the organization which is why it is so strong today.  I look forward to incorporating several of my family members in helping us organize and run the event in Fremont, as well as providing a wonderful experience for all athletes who decide to compete in the Bay area.

I am looking to provide a wonderful experience for all athletes that decide to compete at the BOTB each and every year.  We will be offering really great gift bags to class or overall winners, as well as Neils Andersen sculptured awards and custom BOTB participant medals to reward athletes for all their hard work and dedication to the stage.

Please join us in Fremont at the Smith Center of the Performing Arts inside Ohlone College.  This is an incredible venue and the staff working the event make it a great experience for everyone.

Please visit my event page HERE