Fit Body By Munkhbayar

Fit Body By Munkhbayar

Please join us in celebrating the first published book on fitness in Mongolia, and written by WNBF Mongolia President, Mr. Munkhbayar Galtnar!

The book; “Fit Body First Guide- 100 Fitness Exercises” is for people who are beginning a fitness journey to learn how to prepare their mindset, diet, weight loss, how to build muscle, and understanding bodybuilding supplements as well as the dangers of PED’s. Most importantly, Munkhbayar is teaching that it is possible to achieve a desired body Naturally.  The book describes and beautifully illustrates exercise techniques for various levels of fitness that will improve overall health and mental health.  Specifically how to build muscle, how to choose a training partner or personal trainer, and finally achieving a physique ready for competition are explained.  As a gym owner, trainer, and competitive bodybuilder himself, Munkhbayar does an incredible job of presenting this information.

He has been involved with the WNBF since 2017, has traveled to the Philippines for our East Asia Summit in 2018, is a frequent attendee to our WNBF Zoom meetings, and he plans to compete the WNBF Indonesia event this July.

We couldn’t be more proud of Munkhbayar’s accomplishment and that he represents the WNBF family.

About the Author: Bob Bell

An athlete since high school, Bob started bodybuilding in 1997, achieving WNBF Pro status in 2000. His degree in Exercise Science and leadership and event promotion skills lend professional experience in his role as WNBF Vice President in charge of the organization’s stringent drug-testing policies.