Chris Nsubuga


About Chris

Home and Family

Lives in London, England with his wife and children.

WNBF Qualifying Show

United Kingdom

WNBF Qualifying Show

United Kingdom

Describe your path to the pro ranks.

I have always love doing physical activities from my childhood from Africa. Therefore lifting weight has always been easy. I am now a lot smarter with my approach in training to keep fit.

Well I can only say I respect my training with faith and I believe that “whatever you respect will always come to you.” I take less notice to whatever comparing people say about me, because the outward appearance will change but the most important thing is conditioning your inner man.

Which WNBF pro shows have you competed in?

WNBF Pro World Championships 2014

WNBF California Natural Muscle Mayhem 2014

What does being a WNBF pro mean to you?

Simply, WNBF is the grand mother of all natural federations out there, therefore participating in the Worlds is a great privilege.

Are you involved in any other aspects of natural bodybuilding?


Which WNBF amateur shows are you likely to attend?

There aren’t any in the UK but I may attend UKDFBA events in the future

Will you be competing in the 2015 Worlds in Atlantic City?

Yes I will.

What are your competitive goals?

None in particular, I strive to be a better person every day.