Bada Lekan


About Bada

Home and Family

Hometown Lagos, Nigeria and – attention ladies – not married and has no children!

Personal Stats

Age 24
Competition weight 190 lbs
Off season weight 210 lbs

WNBF Qualifying Show

Mr. Nigeria Bodybuilding 2009

Describe your path to the pros.

In my teens, I played football (soccer) and I would go to the gym with my brother. From there, we started working out together. After 4 years at the gym, I decided to compete as a power lifter / bodybuilder.

My first show was in 2008 and I surprised myself by placing third. I moved up to second place in my second competition. In 2009, I won Mr. Nigeria Bodybuilding. I traveled to the Ivory Coast and Kenya to compete, as well as Dubai and Malaysia. I wanted to compete in the UK, Spain and Italy but was unable to secure a visa. Finally, thanks to an invitation to compete in Sacramento, California, I was granted a travel visa and made my way to the United States.

Which WNBF pro shows have you competed in?

California Natural Muscle Mayhem 2015
1st Place Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Heavy Weight

California Natural Muscle Mayhem 2014
2nd Place Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Heavy Weight

WNBF World Championship Boston 2014 
4th Place Pro Men’s Heavyweight

What does being a WNBF pro mean to you?

Being a WNBF pro means that I am competing with other athletes who care for their bodies the same way that I do. It’s important to be involved with the drug-free portion of this sport. By focusing on fitness, nutrition and being proud of what we are able to accomplish on our own, we show the world that fitness can and should be accomplished naturally.

Are you involved in any other parts of the sport?

I have recently certified as a personal trainer in ISSA. Bob Bell and Tina Smith invited me to be a guest poser at the LA Muscle Mayhem Pro Qualifier in Claremont, California, on May 16, 2015. That was a good time. Although I am busy competing at this time, I would like to get into judging and promoting in the future.

Which WNBF amateur shows are you likely to attend?

LA Muscle Mayhem Pro Qualifier in Claremont

Will you be competing in the 2015 Worlds in Atlantic City?

Not this year. I’m preparing for 2016.

What are your competitive goals?

I want to continue to push myself to become better than before. It’s important to never stop learning, growing and improving. And I would like to win the WNBF World Championship for 10 years in a row!