WNBF Athlete Commission Representative Election Results

The first WNBF Athlete Commission Representatives have been acknowledged through anonymous voting procedures by WNBF Professional athletes and they have been announced on this day of January 19, 2024.

After hundreds of votes received worldwide, the results are in and what an incredibly successful process this has been!  For Pro and Amateur athletes it shows that the WNBF truly cares about its members and values their voices.  For the 2 elected athletes, its been a very humbling experience to be named Athlete Commission members for 2024 on behalf of athletes and for the athletes from around the World!!

We wanted to congratulate all of those athletes who were also nominated for this very important position in the federation.  All of them received votes from around the globe, and we hope that they will continue to be dedicated to the WNBF for years to come.

Lisa Lum 2024 WNBF Athlete Commission Member.

The female representative and 3X WNBF Pro World Bodybuilding Champion Lisa Lum was far and above the most consistently voted for athlete. Lisa’s overall commitment to not only competing solely with the WNBF for the past decade, her WNBF titles, and her support to athletes and promoters was the convincing factor that lead to her winning the seat on the commission. Some of the reasons listed for her nomination include;

  • “Lisa is the best natural bodybuilding ambassador I’ve ever met”.
  • “I have watched this athlete over the years and not only is she dedicated to the sport of bodybuilding, displaying an amazing physique on-stage, but she is also committed to the WNBF and their standard of being an all natural athlete”.
  • “Lisa embraces natural bodybuilding reflected through a lifelong dedication to drug-free practices, upheld through a consistent competitive career. She competes annually, not only showcasing her support for the WNBF federation but also advocating for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle both on and off the stage. Her commitment extends beyond competitions, fostering a culture of wellness within and beyond the bodybuilding community”.

Alberto Nunez 2023 WNBF Pro International Bodybuilding Champion, an internationally influential coach and voice for natural bodybuilding was the profound male vote for the athlete seat on the commission. His voice has been strong since 2015 when he won his WNBF Pro card. Some of the reasons listed for his nomination include;

  • “Alberto is a great choice because he has been involved in natural body building for over 15 years. He is an educator and he has offered me advice many times. He is always willing to communicate and be a sounding voice. He is kind and considerate as well as passionate and caring. He is an all encompassing spirit of natural bodybuilding”.
  • “Alberto is a great athlete, a great role model, and a strong spokesperson for natural bodybuilding”.
  • “He has lots of competition experience and wanting the sport to grow as much as possible”.

Thank You to all WNBF Pros who voted for these two ambassadors, and we look forward to listening to all athletes through them on how the WNBF can continue to be the best natural bodybuilding federation for its members.

We will be announcing elected international affiliate leader commission members to this blog post once those voting results are in.

Alberto Nunez 2024 WNBF Athlete Commission Member