Asia East Asia Summit


We would like to invite all interested parties to attend the 2019 Asia & East Asia Natural Bodybuilding and Physique Summit in Taipei, Taiwan.

This monumental summit will occur on Saturday, April 20, 2019 the day prior to the WNBF Taiwan Open International Championships hosted by WNBF Taiwan President Eason Lu, Vice President Kevin Lin, and the entire WNBF Taiwan organization.

The purpose of this meeting is to unite with current Asia and East Asia WNBF Affiliates, as well as to attract other potential leaders from Asia and East Asia to discuss partnering with the WNBF in their country.

Please join us in Taipei for an incredible Inaugural event hosted by Mr. Lu and Mr. Lin.  We are extremely excited to take part in the WNBF Taiwan Championships this year, as well as continuing to build a global organization which bases itself on sound drug testing integrity and transparency at every event.

If you are interested in attending the summit please email us on our contact page HERE and place a “check” in the “Asia-East Asia Summit” box.

Host hotel information will be available shortly.

Bob Bell
WNBF Vice President