Alfredo Gaeta

  • City of Residence: Rancho Cordova

Event: INBF River City Classic

  • Event Location(s)/City State(s): Sacramento, California

Occupation/Title:  Professional Trainer, 27 Years of Age

  • Children:  None but hope to one day
INBF River City Classic promoter Alfredo Gaeta interpreter for Bob Bell WNBF Mexico Cup International competition 2017 in Mexico City

I found interest in fitness at the age of 18. I began my fitness journey by enrolling in college and getting his degree in professional health and fitness. My vision was to educate people on health and exercise. I wanted to make a difference in the community by helping others practice a healthy lifestyle that would last for a lifetime.
Being that I struggled with obesity at a young age I decided to take action by becoming personal trainer. My focus was to reach people in my community and to encourage them to make healthier food choices and incorporate exercise in their daily routine. Fast forward to the present day and I am proud to say that I have over 13,000 sessions served, and have helped hundreds of men and women build healthy habits and reach their fitness goals.
Having competed in natural bodybuilding myself I now also train athletes for natural competitions. In November of 2017, I had the incredible opportunity to accompany Bob Bell the Vice President of the WNBF to Mexico City as an interpreter for the WNBF for the inaugural WNBF Mexico Cup!  What a humbling experience this truly was as I saw first hand the intensity of the INBF/WNBF drug testing policies, as well as the large number of drug tests conducted for the competition.  I have been very warmly welcomed as a new WNBF family member, and I am extremely excited to help promote and grow the INBF and natural body building in Northern California for years to come!

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