AJ Morris

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About AJ

Home and Family

Born in Brighten, United Kingdom

Lives in Brighten, United Kingdom

Marital Status:  Single

Occupation: Online Contest Prep Coach

Personal Stats

Age: 21

Height:  5′ 8″

Categorie(s): Bodybuilding

Competition Weight: 148 lbs      

Off-Season Weight: 180 lbs

Titles Held

2017 INBF Worlds – 1st Place Junior

2017 UK & International Finals – 1st Place Junior

2017 UK Northern Qualifier – 1st Place Junior

What sparked your interested in weight training?

When I was 8 years old I started racing Go-Karts competitively. I desperately wanted to achieve the goal of becoming a Formula 1 driver, I soon realized the monetary value of getting to that level and quickly had to change paths. I was already massively into the fitness side of motorsport, so I figured I could invest my time in doing MORE of that, so I began to lift weights.

What got you interested in competing?

Due to my exit from Motorsport, I found that simply training in the gym wasn’t enough for me, I needed some fuel for the fire!! So competing was the next real step, and this is what initially got me on stage.

Was there an influential person/group that encouraged you to weight train or compete?  

In all honesty, not really. A lot of my motivation came from within myself – I’ve always wanted to be the best version I can be and have never been highly influenced or motivated by others. However, saying that, the first natural bodybuilder I truly got motivated by was Brian Whitacre (he’s awesome).

Where do you currently weight train?

I train at Fitz Gym, a small privately run ‘old school’ style gym, dust and iron!

How long have you been competing?

I first competed in 2014 and have competed in the years of 15’ and 17’ also.

How many competitions have you entered?

12 Competitions total.

What was your best placing and where?

2017 INBF World Championships Junior Champion

AJ Morris UKDFBA Junior Champion 2017 INBF Amateur Worlds Junior Bodybuilding Champion WNBF Athlete Feature Blog Post

What is your most memorable moment competing so far?

My most memorable moment was winning the UK Title for the UKDFBA – Lee Kemp called out the 3rd place finisher, and then proceeded to hold suspense before announcing 2nd place. As soon as 2nd was announced I dropped to the floor in shock and pure relief. I’d worked so hard for that moment and imagined it so many times, that to see it actually happen was incredible. Especially as my family were there to watch also.

What is your most surprising moment competing so far?

Winning INBF Worlds. I was surprised to have made it that far – I never big myself up and I always would be critical of myself, to be a world champion surprised me, but it’s the best surprise I could of ever asked for.

What was the best workout advice you received?

I remember reading and listening to Brian Whitacre talk about the mentality of training to win. Being able to tap into the mindset required to push yourself in sessions that are TOUGH, is what I learnt from him, and this is the best advice I’ve ever received.

What advice about fitness, health, etc. would you like to share with our readers?

Whatever you do enjoy it 100%.  If you don’t enjoy it, find a way to enjoy it.  I enjoy the task of getting in shape, the harder days of dieting and the tougher workouts. I do believe this because I find (and actively seek) enjoyment in the things that others find hard or complain about, I succeed as a result.

What do you like most about the WNBF?

The WNBF makes you feel like you’re at home.  Everyone is treated like an ATHLETE, you are not rushed, you are treated evenly and you are given the most competitive natural stage to step on. What more could you want?!

What are your 2018 competition goals? Long range goals?

2017 INBF Amateur Worlds Junior Champion AJ Morris of the UKDFBA United Kingdom

In terms of 2018, I’d love to grow my coaching business to whole new levels and put even more Team MBM Athletes on WNBF/INBF Stages across the globe. Alongside that, build my physique. The ultimate goal is to gain my WNBF Professional Status the next time I step on stage in 2019 or 2020.

What does being an INBF amateur or future WNBF Pro competitor mean to you?

It means that every ounce of effort I put in is rewarded, the stage is an even playing field of natural competitors, I must further my knowledge on nutrition/training/mindset in order to progress optimally and that’s the amazing thing about natural bodybuilding.


Exercise? – Squats!!

Cardio? – Walking, I can walk for days!

Body Part (Yours)? – Gluuuutess! (I’m basically a bikini girl)

“Diet” Food? – Oats.

Non-Diet Food? – Sushi… or bagels… hard choice.

Non-Workout Activities? – Coaching, walking my dog or spending time with my family 🙂

Sport? (Other than Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini, Physique, or Fitness) – Damn, I am ‘all in’ on bodybuilding!!

College Sports Team? – Football. (Soccer for you US guys)

Pro Sports Team? – Nope!

Please list any hobbies, special interests, or additional information that you would like to share:

I absolutely love travel. I’m currently in LA and have been to Boston, NYC, Miami and here whilst exploring the US.  I love small city breaks also, visiting Prague over Christmas was awesome and I’m looking forward to doing more of that in my off season.

Thank You for reading and I hope to meet you along the way.