20 Year Anniversary


20 Years of Natural Bodybuilding in Sacramento!

On July 21, 2018 an incredible anniversary happens for us in Sacramento!  The 20th year for the INBF/WNBF will be recognized, and we are so proud to have paved the path for legitimately drug tested events in California.  We must mention that for both of us, competing with Sky Wild Dixon in the 1990’s was the inspiration to establish ourselves as proud natural athletes and promoters.  In an area with so many non-tested events, we have become an oasis for many great competitors.  The term; “Where The West Crowns the Best” is true as some of the most accredited and popular natural bodybuilders have been here.

Since 1999, we have worked tirelessly to create an awareness of the dangers of performance enhancing drugs, and we have spoken to many high school teams and classes about the importance of fitness and sound nutrition.  Consistently implementing polygraph and urinalysis testing as mandatory requirements to compete, while organizing a professional and fun event makes every July an exciting reunion for a lot of people.   As retired WNBF Professionals, and the first INBF Promoters in Northern California, we are humbled and honored to have recently sparked a lot more natural bodybuilding growth in the West.  There will be 6 events in California for 2018!

This is but our first blog post leading up to this years’ WNBF Pro USA and INBF California Natural Muscle Mayhem Pro Qualifier.  We will be paying gratitude to many of those athletes who have been on our stage, as well as to those individuals who have contributed to our sport over the past 20 years.  Thank You!

Bob & Tina