WNBF Italy


WNBF Italy 2019

We are very excited in continuing to lead the way in the Truly Natural bodybuilding and physique industry in Italy.  Promoting the core value of drug free competition will continue to be one of our main focuses within our organization. We will also expand the group of dedicated people and athletes who share our united values in sports loyalty, friendship, and health. 

We believe in the importance of these social values because it can promote health and physical culture in a larger population, as well as by improving one’s awareness and knowledge of the benefits of our sport as a healthy lifestyle.

All of us at WNBF Italy pledge that the basis of all of it’s decisions will be in the best interest of its members and natural athletes in Italy.  Our strong allegiance and commitment to the WNBF has and always will be unchallengeable, and we are honored to be a part of the strongest and best tested global natural federation in the world.

2019 WNBF Italy Event Dates

June 22, Cornaredo (MI) – “Grand Prix Nord Italia WNBF Italy”

July 6, Bastia Umbra (PG) – “Grand Prix Bastia WNBF Italy”

September 14-15, Cervia (RA) – “WNBF Italy Grand Prix Cervia Natural Muscle”

September 28, Nola (NA) – “WNBF Italy Grand Prix Naples Natural Muscle”

**October 12-13, Bologna– “WNBF Italy National and International Championships”

About the Leadership;

Kristian Montevecchi and Annalisa Ghirotti have been involved in promoting Natural Bodybuilding since 2008. They took pride in helping start grass roots efforts to educate and grow natural athletics, and the sport of natural bodybuilding and fitness in Italy.  “We were motivated to create more awareness of the dangers of performance enhancing substances in our society, and to also spread knowledge of the drug free policies of the WNBF and it’s values throughout Italy”.  Kristian will focus on all event promotion aspects of WNBF Italy, whereas Annalisa will be responsible for all International Relations including being the liaison between the WNBF and it’s International Affiliates.

2019 WNBF Italy Board of Directors

  • Marco Ringressi – President and Lead Doping Control Officer, natural bodybuilder, and judge.
  • Andrea Biasci – Vice President, Founder – CEO & editor of Project Invictus.
  • Ado Gruzza – Vice President. Coach of the Italian Powerlifting team.
  • Annalisa Ghirotti – International Relations. WNBF Pro Figure athlete since 2011. International judge. Natural BB coach and trainers’ teacher.
  • Alessia Heusch – Secretary and Representative of Athlete Affairs.  Natural bodybuilding enthusiast and judge.
  • Andrea Natale – Event Promoter, WNBF Pro Bodybuilder 2015-2017.
  • Mattia Agostinelli – Event promoter. WNBF Pro Men’s Physique Athlete since 2018, natural bodybuilding coach.
  • Kristian Montevecchi – Event promoter, natural bodybuilding coach and Teacher of personal trainers.
  • Carmine Napolitano – Event promoter, men’s physique athlete since 2016, natural bodybuilding coach.

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