Welcome WNBF Czechia


WNBF Czechia was founded on September 10, 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic by President Marek Matousek.

A message from the President,

I am very excited to have the opportunity to bring the WNBF and Truly Natural bodybuilding and physique competitions to my great country.

Being healthy and devoting time to the gym has always been a big part of my life.  Over the past few years I have noticed the bodybuilding and fitness trend returning to the “natural” look.  I want to be a part of building this drug free culture in Czechia by way of education and stringently drug testing athletes.  As many people know, there is a huge lack of focus on real drug testing policies amongst other “natural” organizations.  With the 30 year history of the WNBF and their drug testing morals, values, and unchallenged integrity I will gain the trust of natural athletes in Czechia, and will provide the best platform for naturals to display all of their hard work.

I would like to thank Bob Bell for his trust in me and for his time and effort in sharing his plethora of knowledge of how to build a strong organization in Czech Republic.  This support, the values of the organization, and the people who stand behind the WNBF brand have made this all possible for me.  I also want to thank and pay tribute to all that have come before me, as well as thanking Tina Smith and Nancy Andrews for also allowing me to become a part of this amazing World organization.  If you are coming to 2019 Worlds in New York I would love to meet you so please say hello.

Jste připraveni na soutěž v kulturistice v České republice 100% bez drog?  It is coming in 2020!

Please visit my event page by clicking HERE

Marek Matousek
WNBF Czechia President