Welcome Taiwan


Please welcome WNBF Taiwan as our newest world affiliate in Asia.  WNBF Taiwan was established in Taipei, Taiwan on August 6, 2018 under the leadership of President Lu , Chia-Hao, and Vice President Lin , Chun-Ying.

A message from the President;

We are eager and excited to offer a fair stage for athletes to perform in Taiwan.  Our mission is to create a healthy atmosphere for all natural bodybuilders to display all of their hard work, and we aim to establish this stage in 2019.  We are very like minded with the drug testing policies of the WNBF and believe in the history of this world natural federation.  Our first experience with the WNBF was in 2018 when a team from Taiwan traveled to the Philippines for the WNBF Ph 1 competition in Mikati, Manila.  The show operated very smoothly, and the WNBF did what they said they were going to do and that was to polygraph and urine test athletes.  And that’s what they did!  Not all organizations operate this way and this is why we have chosen to affiliate with the WNBF.

I wanted to send a special thank you to Lin , Chun-Ying for showing us this association , and to Lu , Chia-Hao for all your support.  Also a very big thank you to WNBF Philippines @wnbf_philippines for such a warm welcome at their first open international championships.

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